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Upon this Holy and Consecrated spot, a house of worship was erected for the gathering and dedication of our souls to our most gracious Savior, Jesus Christ.  People's Union Baptist Church tells the world this is where a united group will gather, in oneness, unto God our Father, and the unity of each heart. 


For two years, under the direction of Rev. William Henry Tyler, the first meetings were held at the residence of members. Often, church goers were even subjected to holy worship within the confinement of wooded lands.  Finally, the Lord's Glory showed down upon the members in the form of a gifted blessing; donated property for the development of a church building.  Various members contributed timber that was refined into lumber for the construction of the house of worship.  The men of the congregation worked harmoniously to build the church; filling the blessed sanctuary with handcrafted furniture.   Construction was completed, the Cornerstone was laid, and People’s Union Baptist Church was birthed on October 27, 1929.


Rev. Tyler served the congregation until his health began to fail, which lead to the pastoral leadership of Rev Harrison; followed by Rev Carter.  The Christian people continued to believe in God and the congregation kept working for our Father.  The church grew by leaps and bounds, the building was sealed, and two rooms were partitioned. 


In March 1954, Rev. William Brown became Pastor.  Under Rev. Brown's leadership, the church experienced tremendous growth.   The prosperity provided funds to purchase land and a church rebuild project that included bricking the church, adding a basement, and upgrading the interior.    Upon the projects completion a second cornerstone was placed in 1963.  On February 3, 1974, the mortgage for the church was burned; giving People's Union Baptist Church a symbolic freedom from all outstanding bills. Rev. Brown tragically passed away in 1984, as the result of an Automobile accident.  Since that time, People's Union Baptist Church had numerous Pastors that have contributed to the growth of our holy establishment.


Our current pastor is Rev. Robert Brooks lll, a man of God and classical  grace.   Rev. Brooks officially became our Pastor in September of 2019.   We are highly favored with our pastor’s spirit guided leadership under our church Motto:  "Pastor and People United in Peace and Harmony for Kingdom Building".  

"We have come thus far by faith, leaning on the Lord, but we are focusing our eyes on higher heights and greater depths.

~People's Union Baptist Church

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